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Getting Started


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How Easy is it to Become a Caregiver?

Here at MyShyft, we have tried to make the process of enrolling as a caregiver as simple and efficient as possible.  If you believe that you have the skills and experience to be an independent and professional caregiver, please join us in the journey to assist health care facilities with providing affordable and convenient care.

Here are the steps to becoming a caregiver:

1. Download the MyShyft app in the Google Play Store or iTunesStore and create a profile.

2. Complete the CareScan Caregiver Virtual Interview/Survey

3. Pass the Background Check (We are conducting this behind the scenes, nothing for you to do)

4. Consider purchasing Liability Insurance for yourself

5. Review and Complete your Profile (Please consider completing every section of your profile, clicking on the social media icons to provide access, and recording a video introduction)

6. Watch the Caregiver Shift Explanation video (Be sure you understand how the app functions, once you accept a shift, you will go to the facility on the day of the shift, clock-in via the app, and clock-out via the app once excused by the facility.)

7. Start applying to and working shifts.

8. Receive Payment via MyShyft App Direct Deposit Feature.

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Create Your Own Caregiver Profile

Start by creating a caregiver profile via the app. Download the MyShyft app in the Google Play Store or iTunes Store. Link your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ pages to add creditability to your profile.

Purchase Liability Insurance, Pass Background Check, and Provide Direct Deposit Information

After creating a profile, please purchase liability insurance for yourself.  We find CM&F to be very easy to use, and

they provide an affordable premium.  Once you have sent MyShyft your proof of coverage, pass the background

check, we will then need bank information for direct deposit.

Start Applying to Shifts!

After we authorize your profile, you will be able to see and start applying to shifts.